Rehabilitation of the former Convent of San Agustín and new headquarters of the State Library in Málaga

Proyecto Básico y de Ejecución y Dirección de las obras de Rehabilitación del Antiguo Convento de San Agustín, y Construcción de Nueva Sede de la biblioteca del Estado en Málaga

COMEDAP undertakes the Basic and Execution Project and oversees the construction and rehabilitation works of the former Convent of San Agustín, as well as the construction of the new headquarters of the State Library in Málaga.

It has been decided to assign the construction project of the 16th-century building, which will be used as the headquarters of the State Public Library, to a Temporary Union of Companies (UTE). The estimated investment required is 14.9 million euros, and the project is expected to take approximately three and a half years to complete.

Javier Salas, the Government Subdelegate in the province, commented on November 29th that this project is of great importance for the cultural, historical, and heritage revitalization of the center of Málaga. The evaluation carried out emphasized the significance that this initiative holds for the city.

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