Energy certification of large buildings

The Council of Ministers has approved the ENERGY CERTIFICATION, which will be mandatory for property owners who want to sell or rent their properties starting from June 1, 2013.

This certification, in addition to the energy rating of the building, should include objective information about the energy characteristics of the buildings. In the case of existing buildings, it should also include a document with recommendations for improving the energy efficiency levels of the building or a part of it, allowing for the evaluation and comparison of the energy efficiency of buildings. The goal is to promote high energy-efficient buildings and encourage investments in energy savings.

Our company has qualified and trained technical staff to carry out the Energy Certification of your building, house, or premises, always following the requirements set by the Ministry of Industry, Energy, and Tourism, as well as the Ministry of Development.

We use the CE3 and CE3x software programs as tools for our work.

We also provide information to sellers, buyers, and users of homes and buildings in general about their new obligations and/or rights.

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